How to Improve your Google AdSense earnings

we will talk about how to optimize your ads on your site. How to Improve your Google AdSense earnings
In this article, we will talk about our top tips to Google AdSense to improve the performance of your ads and your sites. If your earnings are declining.
How to Improve your Google AdSense earnings

Let's start with your Google AdSense ads. We have three tips to share.

Welcome to the P S Kathait Blog! I'm Pradeep from Tehri Garhwal, and today we will talk about How to Improve your Google AdSense earnings and optimize your ads on your site. 

 One, try the new and improved Auto ads. Auto Google AdSense ads are easy to set up with new ad code changes and advanced customization features. Auto ads can help you increase your revenue as they automatically scan and analyze your entire site to find the best place to show ads based on your layout, content, and existing ads. They're also mobile-friendly.

 Tip two, make your ads more visible by improving their availability. Make sure you increase the number of available ad impressions on your site. Some of the available best practices are reducing page lag, placing ads right above the fold, using vertical ad sizes, creating engaging content, and increasing page speed.

Three, review your blocking control settings. You can see and review the ads that have appeared on your site on the edge of your center instead of blocking a category. It is okay to block some sensitive categories. Just make sure you're not blocking any Google AdSense ads you don't need to. 

What about optimizing your site? 

We have four recommendations to share. 
  • use Google Analytics, go where your audience is. Discover where your users are using Google Analytics with Google AdSense and develop a traffic strategy based on data. 
  • Check the page speed of your site. Our research shows that 53% of businesses are likely to be abandoned if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load. That's why we highly recommend you use the Google Page Speed Insights tool, to check your page speeds. 
  • Create an AMP site. Research shows that creating an AMPfor a site gives you high performance, faster page load time, better user experience on mobile, and more overall traffic. 
  • Experiment with your Google AdSense account. Visit the Optimization tab in your account to explore customized recommendations that could boost your income. and run experiments to improve your ad settings. To summarize, we have shared our top tips to optimize your Google AdSense ads and your sites.

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