How to Earn Money From Blogging

How to Earn Money From Blogging, here are I'll discuss 5 top ways in which you can earn money from blogging If you are new to blogging.
How to Earn Money From Blogging
I'll discuss 5 top ways in which you can earn money from blogging If you are new to blogger. I just want to share that blogging is not an easy money profession You have to work really hard to be finally able to generate some income from your work. So don't get disheartened immediately, after a month or two of trying Keep patience, and do not just drop the idea of blogging if you are not earning sufficient for yourself unless you have some financial things to take care of So without any delay.

Top 5 Ways to Earn Money From Blogging

The most common way to earn income from your blogging website is through Google AdSense. Google AdSense is a middle man that connects bloggers or website owners to the companies or the businesses that need ad spaces for advertising their products or business.

 What you essentially do is sell a part of your space on your website to Google AdSense, which in turn displays ads of the companies and in turn. 

The revenue that is generated from displaying these ads is shared between Google and the website owner So now this is also a very slow process This will generate a good amount of income if and only if you have huge traffic on your blog.

 There are several technical terms involved in this complete process which I would suggest that you read before you start the process of creating a Google AdSense account for your website. 

Number 2. Affiliate Marketing

What you do in Affiliate Marketing is basically sell a company's product or service on your website and the sales that are made through your website link you earn some commission Again, this is a slow process and if you have a good amount of traffic and audience engagement, it is one of the best ways to earn side income.

 Number 3. way is through Freelance Blogging 
Now I agree, you have your website where you already write so many articles but there are many magazines and other websites that have freelance writer jobs. 

So all you have to do is search for freelance writing gigs online and you'll get a few jobs One website that helped me earn is the writer's academy.

 The jobs are not very frequent though, but the maximum amount of money that I made through a platform was through this website. 

Other than that, there are websites like Freelancer, True lancer, People Per Hour - just so many websites that need a lot of hard work on finding the right kind of job and a good portfolio so that you can send it to the company that is looking for a freelance writer.

 Number 4. Create an Online Business 
Now, this is a field, that I have not explored yet but I do want to start a business on my website You can either sell digital products or physical products which might include, E-books, some pictures, graphics, selling some T-shirts, or some video tutorials targeted for a specific audience.

If you are a travel writer, you can create some trips and tours that you can sell online There are so many options if you want to start a business online apart from just blogging This is a good way to earn a solid income from your work.

 Number 5. Sponsorship 

Earn income through your writing is Getting a Sponsorship So since most of my content is travel related You will see articles where I write about the hotels and hostels I have stayed at or the tour companies that I traveled with A few of them are sponsored.

So in return for writing about a property or about a tour experience, I get money. And this again, you have to have a good portfolio If not a portfolio, your writing skills should be nice and you should have enough traffic.

The person or the company that you are writing about gets more through your website Similarly, you can write about gadgets, beauty products, and so many options that are there depending on the niche that you select for yourself.

These 5 ways have proved most beneficial I have not researched the business side of it yet I still need to dig deeper into this opportunity, this part of the blogging profession.

I hope to do that soon, but until then, I hope this article has helped you, Do give your opinion in the below comment box, and stay with us forever.

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