AdSense Approval Tips - How to Get Google AdSense Approval

Learn how to get Google AdSense Approval: Google AdSense is one of the best ways to monetize your blog. Getting AdSense approval is not as tough as...

Now you got a blog and some traffic and need AdSense approval to generate some revenue from it. Hi everyone, this is Pradeep and in this article, I am going to give you some tips for Google AdSense approval. Getting Google Adsense approval is not as tough as it seems. You just need to follow some guidelines and tips to monetize your blog.

AdSense Approval Tips - How to Get Google AdSense Approval

What is Google Adsense? 

Adsense is a product from Google that you can integrate with your website, blog, or youtube channel to monetize the traffic and earn some money. So Google AdSense is how most people serve ads and they pay out millions of people to show ads on their videos and websites every single month.

How does Google Adsense work? 

Come let's understand this in detail If you have a website or a blog or a YouTube channel, this would make you a Publisher People who visit your website, blog, or YouTube Channel are called traffic.

Companies that want to reach your traffic by displaying advertisements are called advertisers.

Advertisers display ads on your website, blog or YouTube channel via Google Adsense Advertisers pay Google Adsense to display these advertisements.

Adsense deducts some money and passes the remaining ad revenue to you For Instance let's say that the advertiser pays Adsense $3 for displaying an ad 1000 times AdSense will take its cut let's say $1.2 and pass the remaining $1.8 to you This is only an example for illustrative purposes.

The money paid by advertisers depends on a no. of factors such as the country in which the website is based the topic of the website depends on the time and is not at all fixed The money paid to you by Adsense is also a guess There is a range for this However as per Google a higher percentage of the revenue is given to the Publisher and not Google Advertisers pay to display ads based on the topic of the website, the kind and volume of traffic it generates.

How to Get Google AdSense Approval

Write Quality Content: 

So, the first thing you need to focus on is Content. In the digital world, we say - Content is king. And that’s what you need to follow for your blog. You need to put quality content on your blog. You need to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism is when you copy other’s content and use it for yourself. Most people just copy content from other websites and blogs and put it on their blog. This is one of the major reasons for the rejection of their Google Adsense application. 

Your content should be unique. There are a lot of tools available online to check plagiarism for your content. Try to keep your content at least 80% unique. The topics on which you are putting content can be similar to others but the content you are writing should be unique. 


You need to note down its consistency. Along with the quality of content, consistency also plays an important for Adsense approval. What I have seen is people put 3 or 4 posts on the same day and then don't post anything for a month. This is what you need to avoid. For my blog, I put 12 posts in about 30 days. You can also follow a schedule for your posts. I would suggest you put at least 1 post each week. This way you can maintain consistency for your blog. 

Other than that, you need to provide your blog sometime before applying for Adsense. Let’s say you start your blog on June 1st. Then give at least a month to your blog and in the meantime, you should put consistent content on it. 

Number of Visitors:

If you are thinking that you need thousands of views or visitors to get Adsense approval, then, be happy because it’s just a myth. For my blog, I just had around 30 to 40 visitors on average per post during the time of the Google Adsense application. In the same way, you don’t need to worry about visitors or views. Even a less number of views can do the work for you. But note down one thing. Never ever send bot traffic to your blog or website. It will hurt you in the long run. 

Blog Pages: There are some necessary pages you should put on your blog. 

The first one is the About Us page - On the About Us page, you need to tell about who are you and what your blog is about, or what type of content you will be posting. 

The next one is the Contact Us page -  On this, you need to put details about how your visitors and users can contact you. Here you can just simply put a contact form and an email id. 

Privacy Policy page -  On this page, you need to tell your visitors you are collecting their data or not. And if you are doing, what type of data you are collecting. You can easily get the format of the PrivacyPolicy page online and then amend it according to your requirements and put it on your blog. 

  • Also, if you want, you can put a FAQ page. It’s not necessary but you can put it if you want. 
Keyword Stuffing:

Which becomes a major issue in Google Adsense approval is Keyword Stuffing. What people do is, in order to cheat Google’salgorithm and to get more views through SEO, they just stuff keywords in their blog. But believe me, Google is much much smarter than we think. Doing these black hat techniques will eventually hurt your website and blog. And in some cases, people even end up getting their website or blog banned or penalized. 

The content you should not post:

Then comes the type of content which you should not post. You should never ever put any kind of content which supports social enemies like terrorism, child labor, etc. 

User experience:

This factor not only matters in blogs but it plays an important role in every kind of business. Make your blog and website user-friendly. And how you can do it? It’s very simple, just follow these simple tips. 

Your text should not be too small. You need to put pictures but avoid putting too many images. Also, make sure that the readability of your blog is good. By readability I mean if you putting a light background, then your text should be dark. Or if you are putting a dark background, then, your text should be light. 

Let’s say if the background color is yellow and the text color is orange, then, it would be difficult for the readers to go through the blog. The same goes for dark colors like brown and black. Also, The blog needs to be responsive, i.e., it should be mobile compatible. 

From my experience, there’s one key point which I want to tell you. Always think from the user’s point of view. Think that what a user would like to see when he or she comes to your website or blog. Don’t create your blog for Adsense or money schemes. 

Create it for your potential audience. Think about the content they would like to see and believe me you will not face any issue in AdSense approval. 

These are the tips that I followed for my earlier and got Google AdSense approval within a month. And I would recommend you to do the same. Just follow these simple tips and you are good to go. 

Also, if you have any doubts or queries, tell me in the comments section. Or if you face any problems while applying for Google AdSense, you can contact me through my social media.

Thank you

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