SEO ROI - How SEO Can Drive Long Term Results

How you can maximize your SEO ROI and start seeing business growth. Your business can see a positive return on investment from your SEO campaigns...
SEO ROI - How SEO Can Drive Long-Term Results
Hi, I'm Shivani, the director of the web strategy. Here at this blog. Today I want to talk a little bit about the long-term is the live impact of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is one of our favorite marketing blogs here at P S Kathait because we compare it against a lot of the other digital marketing blogs that are there, you'll find that. Over a longer period of time, it's got one of the strongest returns on investment.


Do you think about measuring the return on investment for any search engine optimization campaign or really for that matter any digital marketing blog? It's important to look not only at some of these soft metrics like traffic or rankings, but at the end of the day, what you really want to be doing is tracking the conversions that are coming through the campaign a lot. What makes search engine optimization so much more valuable than another blog over a longer period of time is the fact that the work you're doing continues to generate results long after it's implemented.

When you think about a concept marketing strategy, you think about adding pages to the site or building out or optimizing an existing asset.
The changes that you make are going to continue to attract new visitors and drive users months or even years down the road. And basically, you pay for that work once and then reap the benefits of it over a longer period of time.

When you're measuring that ROI, then the important thing to do is look at what you're paying your SEO agency provider, or maybe even your in-house team, and see is the increase that I'm getting in the conversions through the site. Basically paying for the investment that I'm making in that search engine optimization provider.

The conversions that we recommend looking at typically for clients would be the phone calls that are coming through. Certainly your contact forms and quote request forms, and if you have any commerce site or anything that's a little bit more transactional, you also want to look at your online sales.

  • Phone calls
  • Contact forms
  • Quote request 
  • Online sales

Calculating the ROI of SEO

When you're measuring that increase, it can be tempting to look at it on a month over month basis, but it's really important to remember that certainly for any business, there's going to be some seasonality or some changes throughout the year in terms of traffic that really have nothing to do with search engine optimization or any marketing blog. So as you're measuring that ROI and you're benchmarking those conversions against themselves, you really want to look at how was I doing this time last year and how does that compare to where I am today.

Tools for Tracking ROI

Where on today. So when you're measuring that return on investment and your tracking those conversions, there's a lot of different ways to kind of go about it. 

 😊  Certainly with Google Analytics you're going to get a lot of the basic metrics like the traffic that's coming in specifically from organic search, and then how that traffics behaves on your website even down to the point of conversions using goal tracking. Look at your forms.
😊   MarketingcloudXF to track the specific conversions that are coming through. So with marketing cloud will be able to see how many leads are coming through, how many phone calls you're getting, and how many sales and company visits are being generated. Specifically, from the organic traffic down to the page level or the pages that we've optimized as a part of our SCO strategy.

What were then doing is take all that data that we've collected, push that into a CRM, and pull that back out to say, here's the conversions that we generated and specifically. Here's what these people bought the sales cycle, and ultimately how that leads down to revenue.


If you have any questions about search engine optimization, how your current strategy is performing, or whether or not. and you've got your tracking ROI in place, definitely don't hesitate to reach out to us. One of our strategists is always happy to chat, and if you're interested in learning a little bit more about this topic, definitely check out our SCO playlist. for marketing managers. For more great content like this, subscribe to our email newsletter,.

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