How Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works.

Hi, publishers. My name is Shivani, and I work on the P S Kathait team. In this article we are explaining how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works.
How Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works.

  There is no wicket to high-quality content;   Written in the language of your users and written on topics that are on your mind as well as the interests of your users. Creating a great website is the first step. Good quality content is created for your users.

  There is enough evidence to show a focus on mobile;   That most of the users should use their mobiles, sir. If you know that most of your sugar and readers use desktop, then it is different. If it is not so then you should focus on building a mobile website.

  Create distinct and precise page titles;   Satya Avoid selecting a person who has nothing to do with the content of the page. Avoid using the same title track in different pages of your site. Do not write overly long titles as these can be useless for your users and do not end up keyword shopping in your title track for the last time.

  Discussion meta tag;   Preserve the content of the page accurately using unit description for each page. You should avoid writing discussion meta tags that have no relation to the contents of the page.

  Using Google Search Console;   Do Google Search Console There is a certain age from Google which takes you very important and useful information about your defense Search Console notifies you if doing anything in your website such as not pointing to such pages Or understanding any value attribute. Also, there are some very useful tools like Google's site has you or structure data. Looks like this is the kind of tool that can help you bowl fast and have a great defense. The stomach has things to take care of.

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