Get Started With Google Ads Remarketing

If you Looking for a Google Ads remarketing tutorial? We've got one for you right here! has the advice you need to get started with remarketing for...

If you Looking for Google Ads Remarketing content? We've got one for you right here! Pradeep from the P S Kathait Marketing team has the advice you need to get started with remarketing for your business.

This article will be your go-to Google remarketing content. We want this to be offer you can’t refuse. You’ll learn how to set up your Google Ads Remarketing campaigns in addition to getting an overview of the options you have when considering marketing for your business. So let’s ease into Google retargeting with the basics. 

Get Started With Google Ads Remarketing

What is Google remarketing ads?

Google remarketing ads are online ads that appear to people who have previously interacted with your business. With Google remarketing ads, you can advertise in search results, Google’s display partner websites, YouTube, Gmail, and some apps. Your ads can take numerous formats including text, display, and video ads. If you’ve ever visited a website looking for a specific service and later noticed an ad for that service on a seemingly unrelated website, you’ve been targeted by a remarketing campaign. 

How to get started with Google remarketing ads?

You need an audience to target with your remarketing. This is where the Google Ads tag comes in. The Google Ads tag is a piece of code you add (or have a developer add) to your website pages. The tag helps you track people’s visits and create that audience you need for your campaigns. If you use Google Analytics, you can also use the Google Analytics tag for remarketing. With the proper tag in place, you’ll be able to show ads to people who were already interested enough in your business to visit your website. In addition to Google Ads and Analytics, you can link your YouTube or Google Play accounts for remarketing if those are the audiences you want to target. You can do this (mostly) from your GoogleAds account. 

How to create your Google remarketing audience list:

Under the “Remarketing” tab in the GoogleAds “Audience Manager” menu, click the plus button to start building your audience. Choose which audience fits your goals best and fill out all of the information Google Ads requires. Hold on one second. Just because you create an audience doesn’t mean you automatically get to use it for your remarketing campaigns. 
Google Ads remarketing list requirements:
Google Ads needs a certain amount of data to run remarketing campaigns. This direction comes straight from Google, so there’s really no getting around it. And also, keep in mind that the requirements may change, so do your research. 

Google them before you make any decisions. To use Google’s Display Network for remarketing, you need at least 100 site visitors or users over a recent 30-day period. For the Search Network, the number of active visitors goes up to 1000. For Google’s other platforms, like YouTube and Gmail, you need at least 1000, active visitors or users, over that 30-day period. Gmail ads, more specifically, need at least1000 of those visitors to be in the Display Network. So basically, you’re not guaranteed your remarketing campaign. 

You have to meet Google’s requirements before you can narrow your ad targeting. If you need more users, take advantage of other marketing tactics to build up larger audiences for your remarketing campaigns. If you do meet the remarketing requirements, you can move on to your ad creation. 
How to launch your ads with your remarketing audience:
Launching your Google remarketing as I'm not going to get super deep into tips for creating your ads. That’s a topic for another day. Though I will say that you should take time to outline your goals and plan content that will resonate with your target audience. 

So. The creation process. In your Google Ads “Campaigns” menu, click the plus button and select “New Campaign.” Choose your goal, your campaign type, and continue on with the required steps. The most important step for remarketing is audience targeting. When you select your campaign audience, either search for the name of the audience you’ve created or select “Browse” and choose the correct audience.


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